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Products & Services

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    High-quality hay on the Gold Coast

    Here at Nerang Stockfeed, we make a point of providing clients across the Gold Coast with the quality animal feed and supplies they need. What's more, we go out of our way to provide you with old-fashioned customer service from a team of specialists in the field.

    With an extensive range of products from the best brands to suit your every need and budget, come and visit us in-store or fax through your order and we’ll take care of the delivery - it’s as simple as that. We can quickly and easily deliver products across the entire Gold Coast, so you can carry on with your day without any extra hassle or worry.

    High-quality products you can count on

    We carry an extensive range of products for both cats and dogs, including  

    • Salt blocks
    • Mineral blocks
    • Vitamins and minerals
    • And lots of treats and toys

    Additionally, we can provide Thunderbird electric fencing, garden fertilisers and herbicides.

    Our knowledgeable staff are happy to help you find the right product for your needs. Our products are so well regarded that even local vets come to us for their supplies for all animals, including: 

    • Bandages
    • Sprays
    • Iodine
    • Pet shampoo
    • Worming products

    Animal equipment and rug repairs

    You and your animals both depend on your horsing and feeding equipment to run smoothly. When there's a problem with your saddlery, rugs, or even clothing for humans, you can count on Nerang Stockfeed to provide quick and efficient repairs.

    Whether you need us to provide cleaning, including cleaning of existing horse rugs, we can offer an efficient service to restore them to their original condition. We also offer advanced horse rugs and can make all kinds of equipment to order.

    Price list

    We offer an extensive range of products and services at competitive prices (prices subject to change), including:

    • Mitavite products, including Xtra Cool, Breeda, Gumnuts, Munga and more from $21
    • Riverina products such as horse and pony, layer pellets, roasted barley flakes, chick starter, workhorse mix, goat pellets, sheep nuts, cattle pellets, alpaca pellets, and more starting at $15
    • Ridleys products, including Darling Downs Layer, Calm Performer, Premium Top Layer Mash, Lazy Aussie dog biscuits, and more from $16.95
    • Allora products including coarse grain mash, Pelmix, cracked and whole grains, wild bird mix, budgie, finch and canary seeds, and more starting at $14
    • Jenco products including Sorghum Free Mash, Chook Candy, pigeon seed, lupins, and more from $22
    • Ben Furney's range including bran, pollard, millrun, lympia pellets, chook pellets, and other products starting at $13
    • Mi-Feed including our own designed horse grain Mal's Mix, pasture boost pellets, micronised barley with or without barley, hobby farm mix, and more starting at $19
    • Hygain products such as Tracktorque, Ice, Zero, Senior, Release, Showtorque, and more from $26.95
    • Prydes range including Mbio Mare Cube, Easi Ride, Easi Response, Easi Breed, Old Timers, and more from $16.95
    • Lucerne chaff, mixed chaff with and without molasses, and wheaten and oaten chaff from $25.95
    • Hay prices vary seasonally. Currently, we have:
      • Lucerne hay starting at $17
      • Grassy/lucerne starting at $17
      • Grassy barley hay starting at $13
      • Straw starting at $13
    • Round grass bales for $100

    An extensive range of quality products

    We can provide you with a broad range of quality products, including:
    nerang stockfeed hay and straw
    • Hay and straw including:
      • Prime lucerne
      • Grassy
      • Combination
      • Seasonal barley hay
    nerang stockfeed horse feed
    • Horse feed from leading brands such as:
      • Riverina – pellets and grains
      • Prydes
      • QPD
      • Hygain
      • Jenco
      • Ridley
      • Allora
    nerang stockfeed animal feed
    • Feed for all kind of animals, including:
      • Pigs
      • Hobby farm mix
      • Goat
      • Macropod pellets
      • Rats and mice
      • Pony pellets
      • Laying pellets
      • Chickens
      • Calves
      • Sheep
    nerang stockfeed bird feed
    • Bird feed for a broad range of birds, including:
      • Budgies
      • Parrots
      • Peach-faces
      • Wild birds
      • Canaries
      • Finches
      • And more
    nerang stockfeed dog feed
    • Cat and dog food, including treats and tin food
    nerang stockfeed quality organic feed
    • Quality organic feeds including chook grain and pellets
    • Farming products, such as:
      • Fertilisers
      • Electric fence equipment
      • Storage drums and baskets
    • Pest control for all kinds of vermin,
      such as:
      • Rats and mice
      • Termites
      • Ants
      • And more
    nerang stockfeed nice decorated horse

    For more information on any of our stock feed, hay and other animal care products and services,
    call our friendly team today on 07 5596 1722.

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